The Why

Here is one reason...

The Why
September 18, 2017 Logan Williamson

“I’ve Heard that there are a lot more people being diagnosed these days…”

We want to be on the tip of the spear in changing the dialogue around people’s experience with Autism.

We’re not sure if you’ve heard this reaction (we hear it a lot): “I’ve heard that there are a lot more people being diagnosed these days…” We don’t begrudge folks for repeating the latest headline they read, and we’d like to move them to the next step of awareness – creating an emotional connection with what Autism means in their community.

Of course, increased diagnoses are driven by the levers that affect any discovery – more people knowing about it, more people getting trained in looking for it, better tools used in its search, and more money being put towards the process in general. After all, Columbus didn’t get to America on a dingy on loan from his uncle.

That answer isn’t so complicated, but the next step is more complicated. For instance, did you know that Autism – while classified as a developmental disorder, Autism is not something that you grow out of when you become an adult. One of the main ways that families support their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters is through insurance reimbursement. Unfortunately, insurance companies stop paying for services after an individual turns 21 years old.

Instead of limiting Chartwell to the most profitable ages (18 months  to 7 years old), we work with individuals across the lifespan. This is our duty in the Autism community, and our responsibility to continue to these services. Chartwell’s history plays a great role in this strong sense of responsibility. After all, Chartwell’s board continues to have key positions held by parents of the individuals we serve. Their guidance is invaluable in connecting us with the needs of our community.

Because of the financial implications of serving these underfunded populations, we ask for community donations that can help us further our mission in the Autism community.