Serving New Orleans Area Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


          Chartwell enrolls children age three to maturity whose learning differences place them along the autism spectrum. The growth of our physical plant as well as the growth of our educational program allows us to now accept additional students from area public and charter schools. The additional space has allowed us to grow by incorporating applied behavior analysis (ABA) into our program. On staff we currently have a Board Certified Behavior Analysist (BCBA), BCBA candidates, and certified line technicians. Chartwell is now credentialed with private insurance companies as well as with Medicaid.


          We have split our program into three separate entities, Chartwell Clinic, Chartwell Center, and PATH.


          The newly opened Chartwell Clinic caters to children diagnosed with ASD, ages three to six. The Clinic uses one on one discrete trial therapy to teach skills and academics.


          Chartwell Center is a privately funded educational program for children, adolescents and adults, ages 6 to 21, which focuses on teaching academics and self-help skills. Our students range from non-verbal to more advanced learners who experience an optimal learning environment with individualized attention in order to address developmental, academic, and pre-vocational training. The specialized methods employed by the Center are built from a model that combines nationally recognized practices, structured teaching approaches, environmental modifications to address sensory needs, applied behavior analysis (ABA), and emphasis on social communication which are all essential to these children matriculating into more inclusive settings and functioning to their best abilities in society. Our goal is to mainstream all students capable of learning in a typical classroom. However, if that is not likely, we continue to work with each student in the elementary and middle school program. At 16 years old, the students move to the high school program which focuses less on academic skills and more on functional skills, social living and employment skills.


          At age 18, the adult student enters PATH (Program for Adults Transitioning Higher). In this program, the adults go into the community and participate in on the job training at Theo’s Pizza, Mona’s Café and NO Fleas Market. Each student participating in the PATH program has a therapist who shadows them at their “job” and they assist the manager and employees communicate with and build relationships with the student. Our goal is to increase both the presence of autism in the community and to build positive relationships with people in the community to decrease fear of the unknown and autism. The PATH classroom includes a full kitchen. Each week the participants, with guidance from the teacher and line technicians, create a menu for the week, a grocery list, as well as a budget. The students then go to the grocery store where they purchase the necessary items. Upon their return, they chop, cook, bake, and prepare the lunch on their pre-planned menu. The entire process is an incredible learning experience.


              One of the things that makes Chartwell unique is our varied curriculum, which allows each child to learn in their own way. Focus throughout the program includes strategies and methods to enhance social, functional communication, and tendencies for restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, and interests; all while maximizing the student’s interests and strengths. Fifty percent of Chartwell students exit our program and are able to enroll in a more inclusive educational setting and thirty percent to a typical educational program and a few have enrolled in college courses.




The Chartwell Center seeks to enroll qualified students without regard to gender, race, religion, creed, ethnic or national origin. To make an appointment with the Director and receive an application for admission, please contact us at or (504) 899-2478.