Serving New Orleans Area Children with Autism and Related Disorders




Chartwell Consortium is a dynamic nonprofit that combines an educational setting with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in order to best serve our growing community of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Chartwell is looking to bring on an experienced a licensed ABA Clinic Director who is willing to take ownership of our clinical services and the education of our clients.

An ideal candidate will see value in incorporating education with tried and true application of ABA services. They would exhibit excellent communication with our families, and strive to help them generalize learned skills to their home environment. This role thrives on equal parts creativity and data, and we look forward to interviewing candidates who are looking for an engaging challenge. The Clinic Director would work hand in glove with the Executive Director to implement best practices, maintain our current work, and expand our impact on Greater New Orleans.

This is a salaried, year round position with school holidays during the school year, vacation time, and company based health insurance plan.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in behavior analysis, psychology, or education

  • Possess and maintain BCBA certification and LBA
  • At least three years’ experience serving individuals with ASDs with a full range of skills and abilities
  • At least three years’ experience working as an outreach consultant/in-home therapist in the autism or developmental disability field
  • Strong knowledge and deep understanding of behavior analytic therapies and experience delivering these services
  • Experience with staff training and supervision
  • Must be proficient with DTT, ABA Program/Goal Development, ABA Behavior Reduction and Skills Acquisition Procedures, and Staff Training
  • Must have excellent writing and communication skills, be highly organized with the ability to quickly shift tasks
  • Must be able to work well as part of a team
  • Record of dependability, flexibility, and strong attendance
  • Establish and maintain a professional and positive working relationship with parents, staff and the general public
  • Maintain confidentiality of students and staff

Job Description Summary


The Clinic Director works with and supervises the responsibilities of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) interventions within our three service lines: Early Childhood Learning (ECL) Clinic, Center and PATH Programs. We also have an All Ages After School Clinic (ASC). Chartwell provides a range of (ABA) assessment and clinical health services for children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities.

The Clinic Director consults, provides training to caregivers and staff, conducts behavioral evaluations of clients and designs behavior and individual support plans for clients. The Clinic Director is responsible for coordinating, scheduling, communicating and continually evaluating the effectiveness of functional assessments, behavioral evaluations, behavior plans and individual education plans for clients on their caseload as well as monitoring and supervising the caseloads of supervisee BCBA/BCaBAs.

As a supervisor, the Clinic Director is a clinical teacher who educates, observes, assesses, and supervises the educational activities and service delivery of Line Technicians and BCBA/BCaBAs. The Clinic Director is required to adhere to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts.

The Clinic Director maintains a weekly billable caseload of service hours as directed by the Executive Director. The Clinic Director is also responsible for working with the Executive Director and Development Coordinator in establishing and maintaining professional relationships with schools, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other referring agencies, participating in professional outreach opportunities such as trainings and presentations, and participating in partnerships with local agencies that will assist with Chartwell’s overall growth as directed by the Executive Director.


Job Responsibilities /Administration

  • Prepares clinic information for Executive Director to present at board meetings
  • Develops Clinic schedule for clients and staff
  • Determines individual clinic assignments
  • Works with the Executive Director on clinic budgets
  • Assist with drafting job descriptions for clinic staff
  • Assist with updating relevant policies and procedures in regards to clinic
  • Completes all necessary documentation in a timely and satisfactory manner as requested by the Executive Director
  • Meets regularly with Executive Director
  • Develop appropriate data taking techniques for lesson and behavior plans

Assessments, Evaluations, and Goal Planning

  • Completes the following for individual caseload and supervises other BCBA/BCaBA on their caseloads
  • Administers, conducts, evaluates and supervises the implementation of behavioral assessment measures (e.g., VB-MAPP, Vineland) and functional assessment measures
  • Develops individualized goals and objectives for home-, community-, and center-based programs and designs behavior support plans based on functional assessment data
  • Ensures appropriate behavioral data systems are implemented such that quantifiable behavioral data is collected at regular intervals to allow for the continual evaluation of behavior plans and the achievement of individual goals and objectives
  • Develops written reports documenting behavioral recommendations for parents, caregivers, insurance and line technicians in a timely and accurate manner
  • Uses Clinic checklist and reinforcement system to provide feedback on implementation to Line Technicians
  • Maintain knowledge about all students so that cases can be transitioned or supported whenever another BCBA/BCaBA is absent
  • Train BCBA/BCaBA and Line Technicians on the proper implementation of educational and clinical behavior programs and plans, data collection systems and all necessary monitoring and reporting systems
  • Complete ongoing individual program oversight

Insurance Billing

  • Maintains billable caseload and documents billable hours according to specific insurance companies and state and federal regulation
  • Complete and maintain insurance credentialing and contracts for ECL and AAE Clinic
  • Completes and submits insurance billing for Clinic in a timely manner
  • Tracks and reports all billable hours to Executive Director


  • Regularly completes state and board required supervision of line technicians (5% of time worked per week), SCABA/BCaBA (2% of time worked per week) and fieldwork BCBA applicants (5% of time worked per week)
  • Conducting weekly supervision meetings with BCBA/BCaBA and Line Technicians
  • Participate in intensive staff training by working with Executive Director and Development Coordinator
  • Recruit and complete initial interviews for prospective new ELC and AAE Clinic staff
  • Recruit and complete initial interviews for upcoming BCBA/BCaBA to assist with growing of Chartwell’s reputation and Clinic
  • Advises the Executive Director on recommendations for faculty hiring and dismissal
  • Ensure ELC and AAE Clinic staff are completing their job descriptions and work as assigned
  • Supervises community and vocational BCBA for off-site clients

Outreach and Training

  • Conducts regular caregiver and/or teacher training and consultation with the Development Coordinator
  • Work with the Executive Director and Development Coordinator to extend professional trainings, presentations, and impact into the community
  • Assist with planning when appropriate and attend autism awareness and fundraising event



We are currently seeking applications for a full time certified special education teacher.


        Bachelor degree in:

           Special Education or

           Early Childhood Education or

           Elementary Education or

           Sociology or




           Previous experience with children and/or adults on the Autism Spectrum.

           Knowledge of ABA, TEACCH, PECS.


Experience in writing, submitting and implementing lesson plans and IEP reports, running a classroom while keeping IEP and

BIP goals in mind, and supervising line technicians.


 To apply, email your cover letter, resume and references or mail these items to our office at 1225 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130-4219.





We are seeking applications for line technicians. Previous experience with children with special needs is preferred.

To apply, email your cover letter, resume and references or mail these items to our office at 1225 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA


Chartwell Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.